Sunday, 23 August 2009

Improvements for my old laptop.

Solved the problem i have with webcam on my laptop, is working now with skype.

Upgrade is in my opinion a good thing it bring improvements to some components that not worked before, like the webcam, not working in ubuntu8.04lts but now works in ubuntu9.04,other things not working is suspend and hibernate, now works ok.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Time to Change

Hello, to all no readers, but after a few mounts playing with Windows and Ubuntu 8.04Lts, i take the step of give to my Laptop a full Ubuntu/Linux System, so i did a full install to my laptop now running only Ubuntu 9.04.
This upgrade manly because of the webcam , that still on progress of solution, i have video on Cheese but no sound, Skype no video or sound, Ekiga i have video but no sound, hrrrrr!
So menly i still on Gnome desktop, with a few changes to themes and software.
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