Monday, 30 November 2009

Eye candy for me.

Last week i have tried mac os x on a friend apple laptop, one thing that make jealous is a very eye candy effect on the wallpapers background at specific time it change for new wallpaper without user intervention, so i though is that possible in Ubuntu? Google is my friend, a quick search and the results point for
Desktop Drapes  so this will let you use your hi collection of wallpapers from 5 minutes to never.To install look on Applications/Ubuntu Software Center on the search bar type Drapes you will have this,
by default it will load the wallpapers from backgrounds folder but i mess with mine and it loads from pictures, it looks like this one icon on your desktop,
if you right click bring this window
in preferences /display and general, all wallpapers the thing i change is fill screen, but you can manually add or remove a wallpaper,

here is the options, if will start with or system or not how long will change for new wallpaper and automatic can look for new wallpaper in the your specific directory,very nice eye candy.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Brightness on Sony VGN-NR38S

I got it on my new laptop Sony VGN-NR38S, after looking all over the internet for info, i came across with this tread here, so for me and for now you have to run this on terminal.Using Ubuntu 9.04 in this laptop.
First make sure that you have this installed in your system,
look in synaptic package manager
or type in terminal: smartdimmer
if installed in terminal, you will see this
on synaptic you will see this
if not installed then in synaptic right click mark for install and apply,
in terminal:

sudo apt-get install smartdimmer

you can copy and past it in terminal.
Using the terminal to decrease brightness,
open terminal if is closed and type: smartdimmer
this command will bring options like this
  if you type: smartdimmer -g
will show the level of the brigtness
typping: smartdimmer -s 75
this will increase or decrease brigtness
the command: smartdimmer -i
will increase 1level and
the command: smartdimmer -d
will decrease 1livel
this can be done in one go
this is for help nobes like me.

Friday, 6 November 2009

The Wallpaper Gallery

The Wallpaper Gallery is a place where you can see some of stunning artworks that i found on the internet, no direct links for download because mostly i don't no who is the author only some of my own have links. If you have artwork that you like to share send me a e-mail to help me on this project all the credits will be given to you with links to your site or blog.
The Wallpaper Gallery

Distribution Update - Akonadi-Server

Since that i install Ubuntu 9.10rc and made the updates for the final release when i get new updates on update manager i can see the
Distribution Updates
Akonadi - Server
but is not checked and even i can't mark for upgrade, so i start looking to try found a solution and the solution is very easy like described in this tread here Ubuntu forum.
What i deed is open terminal and run this two commands:
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude upgrade
like described on post n#4 by the user yopnono.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 is great!

Now you can customise the background of file browser
edit background & emblems.

in this pop-up window you can go for patterns or colours

one of the paterns

one of colours

to add paterns or colours or reset you only need to drag and drop

even you can make the root file browser diferent for when you are root know the diference
for that you have to go applications/accessories/terminal and
gksudo nautilus
a thumb up for ubuntu team.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 rc

Two days to go for the latest Ubuntu release code name "KarmicKoala", at two days ago i have download the "RC" release candidate,and i installed on my old laptop. All software that i use on my ubuntu machine works ok the only one that not working is for now HandBrack, maybe in the coming weeks or months. So some screenshots of this "RC". 

The top right of the panel looks like you are on mac environment.
a nice icon face lift

the look of Firefox still the same,

the software centre

still very easy to navigate

the selection

the software with preview window.
I not enable the compiz fusion yet i'm waiting for the official release, due in two days, because i think will be some updates.
This still a old laptop with,

ok for now i will be back with more screenshots after the official release. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Is this a common knowledge?

Is this a common knowledge?
Maybe, but what i will discrive today in this post was for me a common knowledge.
Did you know, that you can download from share hosting sites multiple links at once from the same site with free account/free user,like rapidshare,megaupload,etc...
I didn't know until today, so for this you need 3 things:
Greasemonkey addon,
Userscripts,(Rapidshare AutoWait)
so go ahed and install firefox is default  in Ubuntu,use the link "here" to install the greasemonkey addon,and then install the userscripts,use the link "here" to install this script. For this work ok "bullet proof"go to preferences/applications/
Scroll down to your application that handles RAR and ZIP files and select "Save File" (instead of "Always Ask").
Then on the main tab click save files to and define the destination folder [download],in ubuntu you may have to create this folder in home.
Now the only thing that you need to do is "testing" grave a file that is split in 15 links open them all in tabs and let the "Rapidshare AutoWait" do the rest.
The only thumb down is it take like forever,well more like a couple of hours.
Big thanks to sharky for this info.
Greasemonkey addon:

Monday, 5 October 2009

Record Last.FM, after a few days.

I post at some days a go about TheLastRipper, to rip music from Last.FM,but in that time i not sure about the sofware. Today i can tell this is amazing: so grab your self one account at Last.FM is free and then open TheLastRipper

                                       This is the main window

enter your user name and password

now your are in click on tag and tune in

all the songs will be riped to music folder
to stop use quit,
happy riping
i hope this help some one,

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Record Last.FM From Ubuntu.

This post is only for info, well i start using only today @ 10 min or so, but it looks very good.
It can be used on Lixux/Ubuntu(9.04), Windows and Mac.
Se this page: here
To install first go to download page and save the file. Desktop is a good place. From here
Now click on the file to install the package, will ask for password.
Go to applications,sound & video and you have thelastriper.
How to use it, well i think is straight forward it put the recordings on music folder.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Media player

Banshee my media player
my favorite

Music library
with id tag & artwork
this is embedded
on the files.
Play m4a[mp4]files with tag.

Now playing

Show the embedded
artwork & not the fetch
one from the internet.


This is the only thing
that i me not a fan,
but works ok.


Internet access is disable.


Only radio enable.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Using Deluge

Hi, i try Deluge
and in some aspect is looking very similar with µTorrent
in Linux / Ubuntu look on synaptic or applications add/remove software to install Deluge

this is the main window
the speed i get is all most
the same as µTorrent, the connection is through
wireless, with the default settings, i get download speed of 400+kb/s not bad for wireless and 2Mb connection.
Upload is for me the same as µTorrent 40kb/s.

This are my settings for global,
and per torrent.

If you highlight the torrent you are download/upload, you have this option for
that torrent.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Improvements for my old laptop.

Solved the problem i have with webcam on my laptop, is working now with skype.

Upgrade is in my opinion a good thing it bring improvements to some components that not worked before, like the webcam, not working in ubuntu8.04lts but now works in ubuntu9.04,other things not working is suspend and hibernate, now works ok.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Time to Change

Hello, to all no readers, but after a few mounts playing with Windows and Ubuntu 8.04Lts, i take the step of give to my Laptop a full Ubuntu/Linux System, so i did a full install to my laptop now running only Ubuntu 9.04.
This upgrade manly because of the webcam , that still on progress of solution, i have video on Cheese but no sound, Skype no video or sound, Ekiga i have video but no sound, hrrrrr!
So menly i still on Gnome desktop, with a few changes to themes and software.
Some links:

Monday, 15 June 2009

Software in Ubuntu

I been testing a lot of the software that is on Ubuntu, by default on of them is GIMP for photo manipulation a lot of the brushes can be found Throw goggle and the best part they are most free.This is not one tutorial but if you are creative then GIMP is a good alternative to Photoshop.

In the end why pay for software when you can have free. Thank you Ubuntu/Linux.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My Ubuntu desktop.

Hi,the best thing i found on Linux/Ubuntu is that are very fun to work, any aspect can be change to meat or needs. So today i will put some pictures of my desktop, but first let me tell the specs of my laptop:
Processor - Intel Celeron M 1.5Ghz
Graphics - Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 up to 128 MB (shared)
Memory - 1GB
Laptop model Compaq Presario v4305ea
this is a basic specs for a laptop and if you got it with vista no fancy effects for you, but on Linux | Ubuntu on my case you can ave fancy "Eyecandy" effects on this low specs
My Eyecandy desktop Ubuntu | Gnome.

My desktop cube using Compiz Fusion.

My Shift Switcher.

Window Decoration.

Window Decoration.

Fire on screen.
This are some of the examples that with a low spec PC and free OS you can ave Eyecandy .
Useful links:

Friday, 27 March 2009

Grub menu how to costumize

On dual boot you have the black screen with white letters, but you can change this here in this page you can change everything for mete or needs, like time to boot the default OS normally 10sec the colors of the letters and a wallpaper "Grub splash menu", i have made a few so you can used one if you like from here on my art gallery. This is the look of the splash menu on grub

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tools for troubleshooting dual boot [xp/ubuntu]

After finish a new installation of Ubuntu on a dual boot maybe you will found that you can't boot it up this, is because grub as not been add correctly on MBR [master boot record] some errors will be show but for easy troubleshooting the super grub CD is the best tool. Grab a copy here
The only thing you have to do is open the optical drive put the CD, and boot your PC from this CD and choose automatic and it will fix the boot errors for you look this page for more information on the subject, from here.
And that is it for now.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Dual boot or Single boot?

Today i will talk about dual boot, single boot.
Dual boot is good for that people that have only um PC or laptop and no money to spend on new one. Like me this is the way to go for but of course is a process that can be a little stress full, you have to create partitions, this mean you have one laptop with 60GB of space only with Windows you first have to shrink the Windows space to get room for your new distro.
For Single boot this is a simple process like install, reinstall Windows like follow one screen instructions.
So one thing I have forgot is that you can do the same thing on dual boot pop up the CD on the drive loud a live section, on that you can follow the screen instructions, the way that this distros are made is so clever that can detect Windows, shrink create partitions install all Os and even install a boot louder, for you and me is a menu that you see like a dos, here you chose each of the 2 you want boot. This automatic process of the installation is something that i not have any experience with, because i came from Wubi install, i have to do everything manual.
Dual boot god if you not have money for a new PC, and access to Windows files, but slower boot time, you have the option to boot only one but dual boot is to chose one of the two.
Single boot faster boot a all PC for the new OS.

Monday, 9 February 2009

How to run a distro inside of windows - part 3

Hello again, the easy way to try any Distro inside of windows is using a virtual environment and for that you need 2 things, a virtual software and of course a Distro.
For the virtual environment you have VirtualBox or Virtual pc and for the Distro well i recommend Ubuntu.
But you can choose other here.
Well this process have limitations, if you still doubt about using a Linux alone like Windows, this is a good way for get familiar with a Linux Distro, but if you are not afraid of try new things, i recommend to use a live cd [ live cd is a Iso that you burn to a cd and you can try without change nothing on you pc] to get familiar with is environment and if you decide install it will hell on a single install or even on a dual boot.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

How to run a distro inside of windows? part 2

How to run a distro inside of windows?

This is very simple you have to download a exe file, yes you read well, called wubi this exe file will aloud you try Linux inside of windows. Well at this point you don't have much choice because this exe is only for Ubuntu, so what you have to do is download the correct exe file to match the Ubuntu ISO then put the two on same folder this method you have to switch off your Internet or if you not have any ISO download only wubi . Run wubi and we will download the ISO file needed for you, when we finish and if everything going well you will see on boot up two OS two choose and that is it very simple process. Now this is what i did, for me this worked very well but in your case maybe is different.
For older wubi versions see

From wubi web site:

Wubi is Simple

No need to burn a CD. Just run the installer, enter a password for the new account, and click "Install", go grab a coffee, and when you are back, Ubuntu will be ready for you.
Read wubi f.a.q.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Today many people still afraid of testing new things, like new software or even new OS, they are afraid of destroy their computer but with a live cd [A complete OS that can be boot and running entirely from cd] will aloud you to test any distro [OS] without destroy or pc because everything is loaded to the memory, so no changes to your pc. When you finish explore the new OS you will get everything like you never boot a live cd, let me tell you, from a live cd you never will catch a nasty virus or spywaer. Well even with a real install of many distros to choose, nun or little of this nasty, so more secure than windows. The question is, are you still afraid of testing a new OS?
If the answer is yes, then you can try from inside windows,and this i will talk on my next post...

Seek for one good distro.

All,started when i read one magazine about and all free software, i got curious so i start read more about and trying some this free software on Windows, like pidgin Internet messenger but better than msn because we can handle different accounts [msn,google,yahoo,etc] gimp like adobe photoshop the difference its free.Then i decided is time to try a distro that came on a magazine Fedora, i burn this to a CD but back then i even didn't know the difference of files like ISO image, i follow the magazine steeps but nothing,you know on windows you must have software to burn ISO on Linux you only need click on the ISO image to be burned. Than i learned you can use a live CD to try all OS and is software so i download OpenSuse this one give a few problems but i google it and found a solution,but in the end i got Ubuntu 8.04 lts.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Linux 2 years to try on.

My first interest on Linux start on when I brought my laptop, back then i was a virgin to the computer world so i have to give credit to Windows XP for teach me the first steeps. But now i have used Ubuntu for a few mounts and this OS teach me a lot more about computing, thank you so much.