Monday, 30 November 2009

Eye candy for me.

Last week i have tried mac os x on a friend apple laptop, one thing that make jealous is a very eye candy effect on the wallpapers background at specific time it change for new wallpaper without user intervention, so i though is that possible in Ubuntu? Google is my friend, a quick search and the results point for
Desktop Drapes  so this will let you use your hi collection of wallpapers from 5 minutes to never.To install look on Applications/Ubuntu Software Center on the search bar type Drapes you will have this,
by default it will load the wallpapers from backgrounds folder but i mess with mine and it loads from pictures, it looks like this one icon on your desktop,
if you right click bring this window
in preferences /display and general, all wallpapers the thing i change is fill screen, but you can manually add or remove a wallpaper,

here is the options, if will start with or system or not how long will change for new wallpaper and automatic can look for new wallpaper in the your specific directory,very nice eye candy.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Brightness on Sony VGN-NR38S

I got it on my new laptop Sony VGN-NR38S, after looking all over the internet for info, i came across with this tread here, so for me and for now you have to run this on terminal.Using Ubuntu 9.04 in this laptop.
First make sure that you have this installed in your system,
look in synaptic package manager
or type in terminal: smartdimmer
if installed in terminal, you will see this
on synaptic you will see this
if not installed then in synaptic right click mark for install and apply,
in terminal:

sudo apt-get install smartdimmer

you can copy and past it in terminal.
Using the terminal to decrease brightness,
open terminal if is closed and type: smartdimmer
this command will bring options like this
  if you type: smartdimmer -g
will show the level of the brigtness
typping: smartdimmer -s 75
this will increase or decrease brigtness
the command: smartdimmer -i
will increase 1level and
the command: smartdimmer -d
will decrease 1livel
this can be done in one go
this is for help nobes like me.

Friday, 6 November 2009

The Wallpaper Gallery

The Wallpaper Gallery is a place where you can see some of stunning artworks that i found on the internet, no direct links for download because mostly i don't no who is the author only some of my own have links. If you have artwork that you like to share send me a e-mail to help me on this project all the credits will be given to you with links to your site or blog.
The Wallpaper Gallery

Distribution Update - Akonadi-Server

Since that i install Ubuntu 9.10rc and made the updates for the final release when i get new updates on update manager i can see the
Distribution Updates
Akonadi - Server
but is not checked and even i can't mark for upgrade, so i start looking to try found a solution and the solution is very easy like described in this tread here Ubuntu forum.
What i deed is open terminal and run this two commands:
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude upgrade
like described on post n#4 by the user yopnono.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 is great!

Now you can customise the background of file browser
edit background & emblems.

in this pop-up window you can go for patterns or colours

one of the paterns

one of colours

to add paterns or colours or reset you only need to drag and drop

even you can make the root file browser diferent for when you are root know the diference
for that you have to go applications/accessories/terminal and
gksudo nautilus
a thumb up for ubuntu team.