Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Record Last.FM From Ubuntu.

This post is only for info, well i start using only today @ 10 min or so, but it looks very good.
It can be used on Lixux/Ubuntu(9.04), Windows and Mac.
Se this page: here
To install first go to download page and save the file. Desktop is a good place. From here
Now click on the file to install the package, will ask for password.
Go to applications,sound & video and you have thelastriper.
How to use it, well i think is straight forward it put the recordings on music folder.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Media player

Banshee my media player
my favorite

Music library
with id tag & artwork
this is embedded
on the files.
Play m4a[mp4]files with tag.

Now playing

Show the embedded
artwork & not the fetch
one from the internet.


This is the only thing
that i me not a fan,
but works ok.


Internet access is disable.


Only radio enable.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Using Deluge

Hi, i try Deluge
and in some aspect is looking very similar with µTorrent
in Linux / Ubuntu look on synaptic or applications add/remove software to install Deluge

this is the main window
the speed i get is all most
the same as µTorrent, the connection is through
wireless, with the default settings, i get download speed of 400+kb/s not bad for wireless and 2Mb connection.
Upload is for me the same as µTorrent 40kb/s.

This are my settings for global,
and per torrent.

If you highlight the torrent you are download/upload, you have this option for
that torrent.