Sunday, 27 February 2011

XWindows Docks 2.0.3 on my W 7

This is the look of the skin that i made, on my windows 7.
XWindows Docks 2.0.3 you can download,

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mandriva One kde 4 on VirtualBox

VirtualBox @
Mandriva One @

                        Mandriva One is a 32bit Os with KDE 4 Desktop,
running on a vaio laptop Intel core2duo 2ghz, 2 gb memory, 128mb graphics 8400m gt, Os Ubuntu 64bit.

after boot all files from the iso, this is the screen
the KDE 4 panel where you can add widgets
Mandriva Galaxy window the first to window that opens
a menu like Windows
very Windows alike
no doubt is Windows alike
living the live iso "live cd" but VirtualBox mount the iso as cd
last screen, i try this on my box 4 core, 1024mb graphics, 4gb memory and this run like light very fast that i will use a dual boot no problems with all my hardware in this box. 

Friday, 4 February 2011

How To Restart Compiz Without Log Out The PC ?

For some reason the compiz on my desktop is not working at times so I add to log out to restart compiz but I look on Ubuntu forum and found this command
compiz --replace

that do the job with out the need of log out of Ubuntu.
 the window don't have the | close | minimise | maximise bar
 this window have the Close | minimise | maximise bar.