Friday, 10 December 2010

Encode 3 D to 2 D in Avidemux "update"

3 D top/bottom to 2 D in Avidemux

The video explain the "how to" but I will upload some screenshots to help.
OS Ubuntu
go to this web page

Why 3 D to 2 D?
well this has made because I have too encode one movie sterioscopic "3 D" to 2 D my system is not good (I don't have all hardware). So I add to found a solution for encode 3 D to 2 D, I goggle it but only found how to encode (convert) to 2 D to 3 D. Them came to me the idea try this on MEgui, well the result has amazing, but this as made on Windows, and I want try to on Ubuntu in Avidemux, so I use the sample of to make this "how to".

"how to"
This is on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit this sample of the "how to" take 30min to encode on my laptop 2hz coredue 2GB memory, your miles may very.
Start, go to Applications, Sound & Video, Avidemux, (if you don't have this install it, using Software centre),
locate the file to encode (convert) by click on open,
the stereoscopic "3 D" look like this, we need change the video codec, audio & format, we want keep the quality so for video MPEG-4 AVC, audio AC-3, format MKV.
after you choose the video codec, you can use configure, for the encode,
encode by ["encode mode" (single or dual pass)], ["target size" (if is for a single dvd 4Gb], or ["quantizer" (big number to low, from 51 to 0, but 51 bad quality 0 best quality).
by default the max ref. frames are 3, but I use 4, don't go over 6, software like multiAVC will claim about it.
"filters" menu where we need change a few thing for the best end result,
on transform filter use resize, crop & resize but this is only necessary only like this case the sample is 3000x800 so resize first to 1280x720, them crop 640 & resize again to 1280x720,
                                           3000x800 to 1280x720

destination 16:9 and lanczos3, [on MEgui is lanczos4]
screenshot of correct sise 1280x720, now crop,
half of 1280 is 640 input that on with and click enter (return key),
choose from left or right to crop in to half,
them resize again to 1280x720, from the filters menu you have to use for this first resise MPayer,then crop and last resize with avisynth,

screenshot after all the settings apply,
save the file for Avidemux start the encode, my is avt.mkv, in Avidemux you have to add .mkv to the end of the file and after the encode  use the MKmerge to change the internal name of the file "tag" for the name that you want.
Mkmerge gui

in Mkmerge, file segment title, under global tab is "Avidemux", change for the name that you want or clear it, is up to you. MEgui you don't need do this, so that it I hope this will help someone.
The end result to compare here:

Friday, 3 December 2010

JDownloader your Manager

After doing the latest update to Ubuntu 1010, Jdownloader stopped working, so I had to install it again. I went to the web site and click on the download link to Linux and this time I used the script.

This is a bit confusing to understand because the instructions on the web site is vague , so the reason of this post. Click Download Then right click, "" file
Properties, Permissions, click, "allow executing file as program". Opens the terminal,

and using the "cd" command to change directory to the location where the "" file. Now you use this command "chmod + x", this command causes the script executable I think, clouse terminal, click on "" file and a window will appear,

click run in terminal now "jd" will be installed, when you finish the installation, click "" file,

and again a window will appear, click Run. Now is the time to create the launcher of the program,

the top panel click "add to panel",

choose "custom applicatiom launcher"

icon can be found at "/.jd" folder,

name "!!", command, I change the "" file to "/.jd" directory,

and this is the end of the installation of jdownloader, maybe it helps someone.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New wallpaper




Wednesday, 10 November 2010

3 new Themes for Avant Wndow Navigator

I have made more 3 Themes for AWN the look from the screen shots and download links for you to enjoy.




All my AWN THEMES link:

7 Themes

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Clean install Ubuntu 10.10 trouble with Nvidia driver for 8400M GT

To day i pass all day trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 with difficulty, after install the recommended driver and reboot the only thing i get is a black screen, this was the same driver on Ubuntu 10.04 and I did not have problems with it. My solution to this was to use the version 173

then I saw the whole forum for the solution to this, for me this was very easy, the links to the help:
                       "ratcheer" says
 ( Add the x-swat PPA:
 (Use your package manager (apt-get, aptitude, whatever) to update your software. Then, run Additional Drivers applet again to activate the Current (recommended) driver. This should update both the video driver and xorg to the PPA versions. Reboot, again.)

This will update the driver to the last current version 260.19.12.

Sony VGN-NR38S
Intel core 2 duo T5750 2 GHz
2 GB memory
250 GB Hard Drive
Graphics Nvidia 8400M GT
Ubuntu 10.10
Kernel Linux 2.6.35-22 Generic


Ubuntu 10.10:
If you need stop your X server,
you need know terminal commands

Ubuntu forum:

Monday, 1 November 2010

AWN, "avant window navigator"

AWN, "avant window navigator" make your Ubuntu look more MacOSx, with lots of themes to personalise, here is to that i made for my last eye candy. Above screenshot.

 to get this theme and install instructions go here
 to get this theme and install instructions go here thanks to the author of "adium-connecting-4" icon

More on the way.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Creative webcam vf0470

Today i finally got the sound of my webcam to work with Cheese on my Ubuntu 10.04 but it still not working on Skype, after some googling this is my solution
# start a terminal window/xterm window
# type: sudo alsamixer
# using the tab key, make sure to be either in "all" or "capture" mode
# using the left/right arrow key, navitage to the correct "slider"

* (I'm not sure if the right one was front mic (left/right) or just plain "mic" or Mic Boost but I enabled them all)

# if the value at the bottom of the slider says "M" then your device is on "mute" - Hit the "m" key to togger the mute / un-mute
# using the up/down arrow, adjust the setting to get as much green as possible w/o getting in the red zone.
# repeat for all lables that look like "mic", "front mic" "Mic Boost" etc...
# exit alsamixer
# test your audio. I installed "cheese" to do a quick audio/video recording test but you can also test with "sound recorder" or the skype test call etc...
open a terminal type, gstreamer-properties click enter
but in this case i have played with sound until on my speekers came the sound of my voice, after a quick test on Cheese "yes" it is working, maybe this will help some one, now more googling to solve the sound on Skype "rerr****werr".

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

TSmuxeR for extract streams

The TsmuxeR is a very handy tool for create avcHD, and now in Ubuntu you can use for extract the streams on mkv files. The audio file is a_aac that you need re-encode before you can create avcHD.


TSmuxeR web site

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Tip: How to make a avcHD menu without re-encoding the video files?

Hi to all to stop by,
i found a solution for having to titles [videos] on one single DVD 4.7GB with a menu without encode de files in avcHD. For that you need this tools,
Virtual CloneDrive free
PowerDVD not free
the last two are optional. For this test i have used two short movies that you can use at will and free from the open movie project "Elephants Dream" and "Big Buck Bunny" and on the end of this tip i will provide the file that is ready to burn to a dvd
a avcHD with the size of 1.77Gb, can be played on PS3 or Blu-Ray, is bigger but you will see the end resault and quality,
ok i have some screenshots to help a bit and this is not for explain the settings of any this programs that i will be using on this tip so for start go to "Elephants Dream" and this other "Big Buck Bunny" and download  the short movies if you want use this two or use any other mkv files if you wich for this tip, ok  open TSmuxeR load the first file elephant dreams.mkv add button  or drag & drop and save it a m2ts file do the
same for the big buck bunny.mkv, close the program

and open the multiAVCHD use add video files tab or simple drag & drop

highlight the 1st file Elephant dream.m2ts and click properties tab this will bring a new window 

here you can add a wallpaper or a front dvd  by clicking on the empty space of poster image, after playback change to go to menu and click ok. On the author tab select create top menu 
and slide menu,

this is my preferences but you can change to a different stile see " " click on start and choose blu-ray

and this will take more or less 10 minutes, on my 3.2Ghz 4 cores  but maybe will take more or less on your machine. After the process finish close the program and open the IMGBURN

and hit create image file from files/folders look for the folder that you create with muitiAVCHD
load the two BMVD and CERTIFICAT

give it a name and location and press start to build the iso image on 2.50 UDF.

Now this optional but to be frank i think is the best way to check this iso file before you burn it, because if there are mistakes you can delete and start over,
load Virtual CloneDrive mount the iso  and play it on powerdvd and if you are happy with the results then open again IMGBURN and burn it to a dvd, i hope that you found this tip useful.
If is there something that i should make different tell me on the comments and i will give you credit for it, thanks.

Ps: for a full dvd 4.7GB with 2 titles yours files should be 2GB each more or less, because combine the two and the menu will get about 4.25GB and believe or not this is the size of a single side dvd.

Thanks to:

My end file:
this is a iso file 2.5 udf ready to be burn to a dvd or mount it in virtual, but if you mount it in virtual and not have PowerDVD or WinDVD you not will see the menu.

Download single file use JDownloader

Split files rar no pass