Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS my Desktop

This is the new look of my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the wallpaper i made my self you can grab it here it have the look of OS X,it still loads of things that i need to learn at linux or any other OS but i'm happy so far with what i have achieved.


This is very easy to do but you have to edit your HTML Template how look at this blog here and for the colors here.
inside small box block ul art menu hover nav right end begin font size line span span link visited active header logo name text contentlayout min body blockheader blockcontent cl body link gsc post start img article img finish table uds searchcontrol results postheader posticons postheadericons postcontent content default style adds special headings links blockquote postfootericons button wrapper footer page layoutcell div sexy bookmarks socials furl digg reddit stumble delicious yahoo blinklist technorati facebook twitter myspace mixx script designfloat syndicate email labels bios eye candy sony vgn wallpaper ubuntu laptop boot run distro windows one using click http comments may edit friend install system computer first error change dvd vista antispyware malware look thing remove antivirus time possible apple type terminal installed synaptic smartdimmer decrease command
For tag cloud generator here
and for the creator of all this here

Sexy Social Bookmarks

Good news for Blogspot users because we can now add this to our posts!

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Monday, 10 May 2010

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Box PC goin to bios.

A friend of mine asked me to install a new operating system on his computer, but it was a bit tricky at first, because when you boot the pc will not let you go to the bios.
The solution, removed the keyboard before booting the computer will ask to rectify the error by pressing the del key, this will allow access to the bios where you can change the boot sequence.
Like this:
1st - DVD drive
2sd - USB 
3td - HDD drive
Why dvd drive first, because it lets you boot from the dvd to repair or install windows or try a linux live cd.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Vista antispyware 2010

This is a very clever malware with dierent name's, i get this one "Vista antyspyware 2010" on a laptop from my boss. She aks me, is really from Microssoft? At first it fool me, but a close look at is scan i see that is tell me that is a virus on itunes. 1st thing to my mind "malware" , how to remove it? The answer "Stinger", after a full scan nothing so a quick googling came the answer @ this site, this malware will register itself in the Windows registry to run automatically every time when you start an application, also uses this method of running to block the ability to run any programs, including security applications.
The tools:



More info and links: