Monday, 26 October 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 rc

Two days to go for the latest Ubuntu release code name "KarmicKoala", at two days ago i have download the "RC" release candidate,and i installed on my old laptop. All software that i use on my ubuntu machine works ok the only one that not working is for now HandBrack, maybe in the coming weeks or months. So some screenshots of this "RC". 

The top right of the panel looks like you are on mac environment.
a nice icon face lift

the look of Firefox still the same,

the software centre

still very easy to navigate

the selection

the software with preview window.
I not enable the compiz fusion yet i'm waiting for the official release, due in two days, because i think will be some updates.
This still a old laptop with,

ok for now i will be back with more screenshots after the official release. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Is this a common knowledge?

Is this a common knowledge?
Maybe, but what i will discrive today in this post was for me a common knowledge.
Did you know, that you can download from share hosting sites multiple links at once from the same site with free account/free user,like rapidshare,megaupload,etc...
I didn't know until today, so for this you need 3 things:
Greasemonkey addon,
Userscripts,(Rapidshare AutoWait)
so go ahed and install firefox is default  in Ubuntu,use the link "here" to install the greasemonkey addon,and then install the userscripts,use the link "here" to install this script. For this work ok "bullet proof"go to preferences/applications/
Scroll down to your application that handles RAR and ZIP files and select "Save File" (instead of "Always Ask").
Then on the main tab click save files to and define the destination folder [download],in ubuntu you may have to create this folder in home.
Now the only thing that you need to do is "testing" grave a file that is split in 15 links open them all in tabs and let the "Rapidshare AutoWait" do the rest.
The only thumb down is it take like forever,well more like a couple of hours.
Big thanks to sharky for this info.
Greasemonkey addon:

Monday, 5 October 2009

Record Last.FM, after a few days.

I post at some days a go about TheLastRipper, to rip music from Last.FM,but in that time i not sure about the sofware. Today i can tell this is amazing: so grab your self one account at Last.FM is free and then open TheLastRipper

                                       This is the main window

enter your user name and password

now your are in click on tag and tune in

all the songs will be riped to music folder
to stop use quit,
happy riping
i hope this help some one,