Monday, 30 November 2009

Eye candy for me.

Last week i have tried mac os x on a friend apple laptop, one thing that make jealous is a very eye candy effect on the wallpapers background at specific time it change for new wallpaper without user intervention, so i though is that possible in Ubuntu? Google is my friend, a quick search and the results point for
Desktop Drapes  so this will let you use your hi collection of wallpapers from 5 minutes to never.To install look on Applications/Ubuntu Software Center on the search bar type Drapes you will have this,
by default it will load the wallpapers from backgrounds folder but i mess with mine and it loads from pictures, it looks like this one icon on your desktop,
if you right click bring this window
in preferences /display and general, all wallpapers the thing i change is fill screen, but you can manually add or remove a wallpaper,

here is the options, if will start with or system or not how long will change for new wallpaper and automatic can look for new wallpaper in the your specific directory,very nice eye candy.

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