Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Windows 7 my perfect desktop.

Well i like windows 7 but it can be a little clutter on the desktop and the overlay arrows in the icons really is a bit to much, you can use a software or edit the registry to desable this arrows overlay, for me the solution came with rocketdock a dock style like Mac OS X.
For the costum icons create a folder in C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Icons and place the costum icons that you like for your applications, i have maximise the windows bar "superbar" right click tascbar/properties uncheck use smale icons, pin to the tascbar the software that you want ther and the rest of the software put on rocketdock bar, the only folder that i have is the music for my baby easy access for my partner, and i have other in the rocketdock that one is for the links to software that i use less.

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