Wednesday, 18 August 2010

TSmuxerGUI under wine in Ubuntu

Tsmuxer is a great tool for creat Blu-Ray or AVCHD discs it is easy to install under wine, download from the oner website and move to c:drive using Applications/wine/Browse C:drice
make it executable
you can do this by right click on the file and clicking on properties, and then permissions.
To add a jumper to the panel like this

with a custom icon right click on the panel and "add to panel"
click "custom application launcher"
the only thing that you need to do is point to the program by clicking browse and on the new window write .wine/drive_c/ ,select the TSmuxerGui and press enter, for the icon i use one that looks similar to the default by clicking on the small icon and point to the new one,

at this point you have a jumper "launcher" for tsmuxer ready for make yours Blu-ray,AVCHD disks, or even demux mkv files but that is for another day.
for the icon that i used on this get from the original owner

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