Saturday, 16 October 2010

Creative webcam vf0470

Today i finally got the sound of my webcam to work with Cheese on my Ubuntu 10.04 but it still not working on Skype, after some googling this is my solution
# start a terminal window/xterm window
# type: sudo alsamixer
# using the tab key, make sure to be either in "all" or "capture" mode
# using the left/right arrow key, navitage to the correct "slider"

* (I'm not sure if the right one was front mic (left/right) or just plain "mic" or Mic Boost but I enabled them all)

# if the value at the bottom of the slider says "M" then your device is on "mute" - Hit the "m" key to togger the mute / un-mute
# using the up/down arrow, adjust the setting to get as much green as possible w/o getting in the red zone.
# repeat for all lables that look like "mic", "front mic" "Mic Boost" etc...
# exit alsamixer
# test your audio. I installed "cheese" to do a quick audio/video recording test but you can also test with "sound recorder" or the skype test call etc...
open a terminal type, gstreamer-properties click enter
but in this case i have played with sound until on my speekers came the sound of my voice, after a quick test on Cheese "yes" it is working, maybe this will help some one, now more googling to solve the sound on Skype "rerr****werr".

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