Friday, 3 December 2010

JDownloader your Manager

After doing the latest update to Ubuntu 1010, Jdownloader stopped working, so I had to install it again. I went to the web site and click on the download link to Linux and this time I used the script.

This is a bit confusing to understand because the instructions on the web site is vague , so the reason of this post. Click Download Then right click, "" file
Properties, Permissions, click, "allow executing file as program". Opens the terminal,

and using the "cd" command to change directory to the location where the "" file. Now you use this command "chmod + x", this command causes the script executable I think, clouse terminal, click on "" file and a window will appear,

click run in terminal now "jd" will be installed, when you finish the installation, click "" file,

and again a window will appear, click Run. Now is the time to create the launcher of the program,

the top panel click "add to panel",

choose "custom applicatiom launcher"

icon can be found at "/.jd" folder,

name "!!", command, I change the "" file to "/.jd" directory,

and this is the end of the installation of jdownloader, maybe it helps someone.

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