Saturday, 1 January 2011

WINE: Remove menu Programs list.

WINE, Wine is a compatibility layer for Linux that let you run Windows programs.
Some programs are easy to install other not but in the end if you look over the net you will find a solution for how to install your program. Them you maybe have to look again over the net to find how to uninstall some software for them end up with Wine menu entries that point to the software that no longer is install on the system,

this is the Wine menu entries that no longer exist, how to remove them?
Very easy open your Home folder by click on Places/Home Folder/home/youname/.local/share/applications/wine and delete the software folders that you uninstall,

maybe first you have to change folder preferences by Folder/Edit/Preferences/Views and enable "show hidden and backup files".
Them your wine menu will be clean only with the software that you have installed,
so maybe this help you same way.

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