Monday, 7 May 2012

The best alternative to Itunes in Ubuntu

Sync Ipod Classic on Ubuntu with Banshee the best alternative for me on Ubuntu, system is Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64Bits and Banshee is 2.4 (2.4.0), before I've used GkTpod but on Ubuntu beta it stop working crash adding music or even bring settings.
         It is the best for me because of ti looks and it is easy to add and edit our files in ipod so some screen shots...
for me the most important setting i've change is stop fetch covers from the internet
the main look of Banshee, in left pane is my ipod, the music on ipod they locked and no covers, click play and you will see the cover and the locker disappear, underneath is itunes no is not is Banshee with the info you get in itunes,

drag and drop the album to your ipod to your ipod name not to music, that is all i need for sync my ipod classic on Ubuntu.

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