Monday, 25 June 2012

Normalize-audio not found in K3b.

Normalize-audio not found in K3b,
this happen to me when I've try to burn a cd in K3B, looking up on the internet  it appears that the problem is in K3B we look for normalize-audio and the software is called only normalize like this web site points at @
so using is method K3B now can really normalise tracks, the steps that I deed to solve this small error with pictures....
My audio project
by clicking in burn tab you have this settings  and in advance the normalize volume levels
by selecting the normalize volume levels K3B display a error that the normalize-audio as not found, and giving you the command to install the normalize-audio
sudo apt-get install normalize-audio
open terminal and run the command that K3B gives
sudo apt-get install normalize-audio
running the the command in terminal it says is installed an is the latest version, what we need is like the web site point to is make a script that show the way to K3B to find the normalize-audio, so open text editor and type...
case "$1" in    
        /usr/bin/normalize-audio --version | sed -e 's/normalize/normalize-audio/g'
        /usr/bin/normalize-audio "$@"
and save this to your desktop with the name normalize-audio
make it executable by select properties
and in permissions tab select " Allow executing File as program"
now open terminal and call nautilus
gksudo nautilus
will ask for your password and file browser will open cut the script and past in
file system/ usr/ local/ bin, it looks like "file system folder" "usr folder" "local folder" "bin folder"
please don't close the terminal when moving files if so you will get "permission denied"
the script is in place you can close terminal or type the next command
chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/normalize-audio
now back to K3B go to settings and programs tab you will see normalize-audio(not found)
click search
now you have the normalize-audio up and running
time to finalise my audio project in K3B, I hope that this help you like help me.

Thanks to :
K3B :
normalize 0.7.7 :
The script :

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