Sunday, 19 January 2014

Install Apps on Playbook from Linux

Hi, first and most hall my time one a pc is on linux mostly Mint so go back to Windows to install apps or sync music in itunes, this is no longer a good practice, I mean go back and forward. You could do this on a virtual machine, but if you don't have Windows it is not possible from virtual machine. Doing it from a browser Chrome / Firefox on Linux/Mac/Windows to manage yours apps on Playbook that is a good thing since the time we spend in front a pc is browsing.
So George J ( came with this idea tool that you can do this from a browser thumbs up. From Chrome the install takes a few minutes for full instructions follow on this page, will give you the instructions based on your browser.
Apps that I have install using the tool/web soundcloud this in not a native app so you have to convert or download one with .bar @, apps that I converted in windows and installed from was Nest, Yatse, Houzz, IMBD, and Unified Remote more or less they all work. Hope this help any of you.

Big Thanks to George J for this great tool.

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