Monday, 9 February 2009

How to run a distro inside of windows - part 3

Hello again, the easy way to try any Distro inside of windows is using a virtual environment and for that you need 2 things, a virtual software and of course a Distro.
For the virtual environment you have VirtualBox or Virtual pc and for the Distro well i recommend Ubuntu.
But you can choose other here.
Well this process have limitations, if you still doubt about using a Linux alone like Windows, this is a good way for get familiar with a Linux Distro, but if you are not afraid of try new things, i recommend to use a live cd [ live cd is a Iso that you burn to a cd and you can try without change nothing on you pc] to get familiar with is environment and if you decide install it will hell on a single install or even on a dual boot.

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