Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Dual boot or Single boot?

Today i will talk about dual boot, single boot.
Dual boot is good for that people that have only um PC or laptop and no money to spend on new one. Like me this is the way to go for but of course is a process that can be a little stress full, you have to create partitions, this mean you have one laptop with 60GB of space only with Windows you first have to shrink the Windows space to get room for your new distro.
For Single boot this is a simple process like install, reinstall Windows like follow one screen instructions.
So one thing I have forgot is that you can do the same thing on dual boot pop up the CD on the drive loud a live section, on that you can follow the screen instructions, the way that this distros are made is so clever that can detect Windows, shrink create partitions install all Os and even install a boot louder, for you and me is a menu that you see like a dos, here you chose each of the 2 you want boot. This automatic process of the installation is something that i not have any experience with, because i came from Wubi install, i have to do everything manual.
Dual boot god if you not have money for a new PC, and access to Windows files, but slower boot time, you have the option to boot only one but dual boot is to chose one of the two.
Single boot faster boot a all PC for the new OS.

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