Sunday, 17 April 2011

Android on Virtualbox

Android on Virtualbox

Testing "how it looks" a Android system without a mobile phone?
What you need is:
Android @
Virtualbox @

Them you can taste all Android system on you pc without a mobile some screens from my Virtualbox:
The screen on Virtualbox
The first screen on Android
If this was a touch screen slide to the top to unlock the phone
The main screen of Android with the small dots give you 4 virtual areas for apps groups
Slide left/right or touch the dots
Adding apps to virtual area
Virtual area with some apps
Removing apps from virtual area, click to highlight and the small bin will appear
Phone app lunch to make a call I think if you configure this will work with voip but not tested
Lunch Google maps app, this is a small preview of the Android system to test this your self install on your pc windows/mac/linux virtual box run in all of them, to install go here for Android go here for Virtualbox go here.
All the credits goes for the respective owners of:
Android to:
Virtualbox: to:
how to install to:
If this was informative reply to post thanks.

If you have a Android maybe this reading is for you!5790747/cyanogenmod-7-brings-gingerbread-canned-sms-responses-built+in-overclocking-to-android

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  1. Nice blog. I do want to include Virtualbox in my excel templates. Your suggestion please..