Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wallpapers transition In Ubuntu

Wallpapers transition in Ubuntu
  this is a slideshow that change at given time to a new wallpaper, you have this build it in Ubuntu, to access this you have to right click on you desktop
appearances preferences window will open
and the backgrounds that have a player icon is the ones that make this transitions
but in Ubuntu in my install I only have two called "cosmos" and "contest", but if you have your won wallpapers or add some on else transitions, well this is very easy but you have to use root access. I add made my won transitions using the "background-1.xml" from {usr/share/backgrounds} and rename the wallpapers on the .xml file. Before go to explain how to make your won transitions and if you want try my won that can be download from my Drapbox here name of the file is, to place this folder in {usr/share/backgrounds} open terminal and type
gksudo nautilus
a folder will open called root
 click in file-system
copy and past or drag and drop the rjm folder, close this folder and ternimal.
Right click in your desktop

change desktop background
click add, add wallpaper window will open
go to rjm folder in /usr/share/backgrounds/rjm and change the view to all files and select the "background-1.xml"
 now this transitions is working
that is it my transitions with some wallpapers from
Ok, but you have your won collection of wallpapers and you want make your self this transitions! How to edit the background-1.xml?
navigate to the /usr/share/backgrounds and copy the "background-1.xml" to your desktop or other place, open it with text editor:

what you need edit!
{static static}
{duration 1000.0 duration} in my custom {.xml} every 10 minutes a wallpaper change, in the default .xml is "1795.0" +/- every 30 minutes,
on transition from A to B
{transition transition}
{duration 5.0 duration} : this takes 5 milliseconds on transition A to B
renaming the wallpapers that you want in your custom transitions, you can see the file appears at least twice, A this wallpaper name and location, A to B transitions of wallpaper.
For my custom transitions I ad make this folder called "rjm" copy some wallpapers rename them to wall 1 to 10, move this folder to system/usr/share/backgrounds, added to appearances the background-1.xml and is only the .xml that you need enable on appearances background. I hope this help someone, comments are welcome.

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