Sunday, 18 March 2012

Enconding a perfect subtitles.

How to encode a perfect subtitle in PGS/SUP in MT2S file/conteiner?
For this I use two tools that you found on MultiAVCHD.
Why two? If I need only one? Yes two but only one at one time, the two came with same program do the same job and this give you the option to chose your favourite, their names, easySUP and goSUP.
How the perfect PGS/SUP?
All you need is subtitles, str, ass or maybe others formats will work, but this two they work, the font and one of the above software.
To start this small how to I used the Sintel movie,
with some subtitles, .str
browse to the directory off multiAVCHD 
 and lunch easySUP or goSUP

the easySUP
format: BD SUP
resolution: 480/576/720/1080
frame rate:23.976 but it can be other use media info to give you this info, resolution and frame rate.
Drag & Drop the .str file in easySUP and add font/size/color outline size/color and margin [(margin is from the botom till you see the subtitles)botom tv till half of tv more or less]
the goSUP
on the goSUP you can Drag & Drop but you don't see the final look of the SUP file, but if you use media info for resolution and frame rate all the other settings are very easy.
log and command line view.
Congrats you have encoded the perfect PGS/SUP file.
How to test this PGS/SUP files befour mux use the BDSup2Sub,
BDSup2Sub do more than check the PGS/SUP files but for now I will only use to check the PGS/SUP files,
the look of the encoded .str file to PGS/SUP file, I hope this help you.

 easySUP and goSUP @
mediainfo @
BDSup2Sub @
Fonts @

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