Sunday, 4 March 2012

My new OS Linux Mint 12 KDE

Finally I've finish all the jobs and Install the new Linux Mint 12 and for the next few months I will use KDE desktop, Linux is getting better all the time and this KDE desktop is really good, in the last post I've publish a wallpaper thet I made for this desktop but you can use a different wallpaper in the virtual desktop, so some screenshots of this OS...
virtual desktop 1
virtual desktop 2 with my wallpaper @
virtual desktop 3
virtual desktop 4
Mint menu alike Windows
drag applications to Plasma desktop,
but before you can use it give permissions,
you can resize the task bar,
widgets tool bar, to add widgets to you desktop or task bar,
tool box other way to add panel or widget,
Dolphin file manager,
easy to enable hidden files and folders click view and tick "show hidden files",
your home with hidden files and folders, now the look of some software,
Opera web browser maybe my favourite,
VLC media for now works better then my last OS,
GIMP a great tool,
Inkscape another great tool,
This is Linux right so no Itunes but Gtkpod for managing your ipod, like add, removing and shorting tags,
on my music files I like to use Easytag to add and remove tags and artwork,
Amarok the default music player, Banshee or Rhythmbox are also good players,
the software manager like in Windows "you wish", only in Linux you have software manager,
preview window not new but helps for quick lunch if you have many app's open.

    This is only a small preview of KDE desktop still many thing to change and talk about, but for now I will end with thanks to KDE, Linux Mint and to all in the back stage off Linux community.


  1. desperately looking for the wallpaper matey .. stunning ..

  2. If you are looking for the wallpaper is here