Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Linux Mint 15 with Docky

Hi I have finish my Docky theme so this post is about my desktop Mint Cinnamon and Docky.
Docky theme can be download from Google Drive is a .tar file use Docky settings to install new themes, I did this Docky theme to go with Fiaence-Azur icon theme, Docky is the latest form PPA.
The badge,
The menu settings,
The wallpaper at DeviantART,
to remove the Docky icon from the dock, go to Menu, System tools,  Configuration Editor (gconf-editor) maybe you need install  gconf-editor, on the
Configuration Editor, click on apps, Docky, Items, DockyItem and untick
Restart Docky.
I hope this was informative.

Linux Mint
Docky PPA
My wallpaper

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