Thursday, 17 October 2013

Get back login sound in Linux Mint 15

For me this all ways been difficult to get back the login sound, after many attempts I fund this post on "" and I get back my login sound.
          The process is by adding a command to the startup  applications...
Menu/Preferences/Startup Applications
Menu/ search...
if you don't have the Gnome Login Sound you have to add this by clicking on Add button.
 In there you have 
for Name: add  GNOME Login Sound
for Command: add  paplay /usr/share/sounds/LinuxMint/stereo/desktop-login.ogg
for Comment: add  Plays a sound whenever you log in
the Comment field can be blank but the other two are important.
You can test this on terminal by run the Command: above, but this give the opportunity to us to add your own custom login sound, I hope this was help full to you like was to me.

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